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Get the basic facts before applying for a home loan, investment property loan, business loan or a car loan. We have created some useful guides and resources to help you through for each stage of your buying journey.

Home Loan Tips and Answers

Tips for applying for a mortgage

Understanding your borrowing capacity

Fixed vs Variable loans

Thinking of breaking Fixed Rate ?

Is an Offset Account a good choice

What is a Bridging Loan

What is Lending Value Ratio (LVR)

10 Helpful hints for building a home

7 Steps For Working Towards Improving Your Credit Score

Thinking of Buying an Investment Property ?

How to Refinance in 5 easy steps

Principal and Interest vs Interest Only; a thousand dollar question!

First Home Buyers: How to buy with just a 5 per cent deposit

6 reasons to refinance your home loan

Can your profession save you on your Home or Investment Loan?

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying your First Home

Refinance Tips

Refinance in 5 easy steps

6 reasons to refinance your home loan

Can refinance save you thousands ?

How to refinance your mortgage to buy an investment property

Valuation of your property

9 Tips to Prepare For Your Property Valuation

FAQ – Home Loan and Investment Loans

Frequent Asked Questions

Understanding Lender’s Mortgage Insurance

Car and Asset Finance Tips

Summery of different car finance

Property Buying and Selling Tips

Selling property video

Buying property video

Suburbs to invest in Melbourne 2020, possibly

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When you're looking to buy a business it's important that you do your homework. Your research should include a detailed
There are some professions such as Accountants, Lawyers and Medical professionals (doctors, dentists, vets etc) are commonly eligible for home
Loan to Value Ratio Whether you are a medical or dental practitioner or an investor looking to build their business/property
Mortgage brokers have become the primary distribution channel for a major lender, whose CEO concedes that customers no longer want
A new report from global investment bank UBS noted that up to a third of home loan borrowers may not  
Great article courtesy of Eustice & Co Accountants.   In recent years there has been an explosion in the
Great news article from AMP:  
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