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Nathan, Builder and Business Owner

As a business owner and builder on many occasions I’ve required finance for various building projects and purchases.

Prior to being put in touch with Finance Circle Group by our accountant, I’d had initial contact with a few mortgage brokers but hadn’t found one that could make me justify dealing with them rather than the bank I’d been with for years and I hate dealing with the bank.

Finance Circle Group was everything I’d previously hoped to find in a finance and mortgage broker. Someone that works on your behalf, finds the best lending option for your individual circumstances and negotiates better interest rates and sometimes discounted start up fees than you could negotiate yourself. For us, they made what is a frustrating and tedious process (applying for bank loans) quicker, more streamlined, easier to understand and he’s extremely friendly and approachable as well.

I’d have no hesitation and already have recommended Finance Circle Group to friends that are in the market for loan finance.